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Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made this year anything but normal. The vast majority of people are either working from home or doing their best to stay safe on the job, and fashion has probably been one of the last things on your mind.

We completely understand, and we’re in the exact same position.

We’ve been doing what we can to get by, and one of the things that has helped us pass the time is to learn more about the hottest fashion trends that are still developing despite the world being turned upside down.

While many of us are wearing pajamas and loungewear all day every day (with the exception of the occasional video call, of course), there will come a time when we have to put on pants and step out into society once again. We aren’t sure when that day will be, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t overhaul your wardrobe and invest in affordable women’s clothing that helps you look and feel your best.

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With all of that said, read on to learn more about 2020’s hottest fashion trends, and be sure to check out the Double Icon catalog when you’ve finished reading!

Five Summer Fashion Trends to Start Wearing Now

Bright Colors

As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, bright, saturated colors are hot right now. We saw colors like bright scarlet, saffron, and bright white beaming on the runway back before spring began, and these eye-catching hues aren’t going anywhere.

But what if you aren’t looking for an outfit that makes a statement from a few hundred yards away? Try the lighter, pastel colors that are making their way into the 2020 fashion scene. Faded denim, light yellow, coral pink, and pastel green are four of the most common — and soothing — colors you’ll see this summer.

Printed Patterns

We can sum up this trend in four words: one with nature. Earthy patterns and faux animal prints are hotter than they’ve been in years, and they add an element of adventure to any outfit! Try layering them with the color palette mentioned above for a bold look, or draw attention to them by pairing them with darker colors that allow the pattern to take center stage.

Breezy Shorts

We know what you’re thinking — shorts are always in during summer. You’re not wrong, but not every pair of shorts is trending quite like the breezy shorts that we’ve seen in the last few months. In previous seasons, shorts have been on the tighter side, often sacrificing comfort for style. Summer 2020 is changing things around, with comfort and style coming together in a way we haven’t seen in years.


Yes, this is not a typo — white is in this summer! White provides you with the perfect blank slate you can pair with the bold colors we discussed above, or you can layer a few different neutral shades white for a more ethereal, carefree look. Either way, just be sure that you’re careful as you sip sangria and other summertime drinks.

Tiered Dresses

Summer is always a great time to put on your favorite dresses, but tiered dresses have taken center stage in recent months and will continue to grow in popularity throughout the summer. They feature elegant designs that are sure to catch attention, and they’re perfect for anything from a night on the town to a stroll through the park.

Give Your Wardrobe a Summer Update

We hope that today’s post will help you update your wardrobe with the summer’s hottest items before they fly off the shelves. If you found today’s post helpful, be sure to check out the rest of our entries for even more posts about the fashion trends, company news, and so much more.

With everything that’s happened in the last few months, you deserve to look and feel your best this summer. Head over to the Double Icon catalog if you’re ready to order affordable women’s clothing that will keep you cool, comfortable, and stylish all summer long!

And, as we mentioned above, we want you to stay safe not just this summer, but throughout the entire year. Look through our selection of masks and hand sanitizer if you need affordable, protective equipment but don’t want to leave your home.