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What Should I Wear This Spring 2021?

What Should I Wear This Spring 2021?

Can you believe winter is almost over? Spring is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited to start wearing dresses, skirts and sandals again, don't get me wrong, I love winter clothes, but I'm kinda over using sweaters and lounge pretty much every day.

I'm ready to shop for the new season, and today I'm sharing with you some of the research on trends I've made for this upcoming spring summer 2021, the best part, we have a lot of styles here in Double Icon that are just perfect for the season. 

1. Flower Power

Let's start with the most basic and repetitive trend for every spring summer season, flower prints, and I know what you might be thinking, how original, but this is simply an essential that you must have in your closet, the trick is to choose pieces with trendy colors and silhouettes. 

 2. Pastel Colors

Who doesn't love beautiful pastels to wear? let's be really honest here, pastels are perfect for pretty much every skin color. You'll see this trend a lot for the SS, maybe even in fall. Colors like yellow, mint, lilac would be everywhere, especially pink!  

 3. Eyelet 

The romantic quality of breezy eyelet is undeniable. It never really goes out of style, but it was a particularly strong force among designers' collections this spring.


 4.Puff Sleeves

This trend has been around for a while, however this statement remains strong between fashion designers and bloggers.   

5. All Kinds of Skirts

I know, how could Skirts in general could be a trend? It makes no sense, but, in general skirts have a huge comeback, specially mini skirts in pretty colors, or cute designs, tulle midi skirts (like tutus) and skorts, especially if you dnt feel really comfortable wearing skirts, the last option is perfect for you.  

 Are you ready for Spring too? or you are more a Winter Wonderland person? Let us know in our Double Icon social media, and follow us for more fashion, lifestyle and trends. 

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Are You Missing These Essential Fashion Accessories For 2020? - Shop Double Icon

Are You Missing These Essential Fashion Accessories For 2020?

We’re well into 2020 at this point, and we’re finding that there are still quite a few people who haven’t picked up on some of the burgeoning trends in women’s fashion accessories. So, we felt like we would dive in on a couple of the hottest items to add to your fashion accessory pool.

In today’s blog, we will cover 4 of the items that you can likely use throughout all of 2020 and very possibly beyond, giving them the rare opportunity to serve as both a current and future accessory.

To see the entire lineup of women’s fashion accessories available from Double Icon, shop with us online today.

Dust Mask Face Covers

While it may not be a popular topic — or depending on how you look at it, it could be all too popular of a topic — but coronavirus is real, and people still have to do what they can to live their lives, including taking care of family and going to work.

When you are going out to commute to your job or to make a run to the grocery store, if you’ve chosen to wear a face mask, then there’s no reason not to do it in style. There are plenty of adorable face mask covers that are washable and reusable so you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety.

Charming Scarves

While we may be headed out of the colder weather, there’s no need to turn away from the chance to make use of an adorable scarf. Even in summer clothing, especially when you are baring your shoulders and arms, a carefully chosen scarf can do wonders for your overall outfit.

Something chunky, but not bunchy works well and can give a bohemian flair to your appearance. Best of all, when fall and winter roll back around, you already have a favorite accessory that you are practiced in applying.

Chic Belts

With rompers and jumpers back in for the warmer weather, thin lux-belts are going to be all the rage. Simple and stunning is the way to go here, and you can find distinct and distinguished examples right here at Double Icon.


That’s right, they’re back! Spring and summer fashion trends have proven that the 80s Lady fashion milieu is back in business. From simple updos and high ponies to achieving that “I don’t care about my hair, but it still looks great” look, styled scrunchies are the way to go.

From Americana-themed bandana scrunchies to more vibrant styles, you can easily accessorize your hair in 2020 with any of the scrunchies available online from Double Icon.

Find These Essential Women’s Fashion Accessories And More At Double Icon

Double Icon carries all the 2020 women’s fashion accessories you don’t want to miss out on, but we also boast a collection of some of the most affordable and stunning women’s fashions online. Visit us today and discover your new favorite place to shop online for everything from athleisure outfits to gorgeous summer dresses to knitwear and more.

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Are You Making These Fashion Faux Pas? - Shop Double Icon

Are You Making These Fashion Faux Pas?

Let’s make sure that right off the bat, we’re not here to judge you based on a preconceived notion about what good and bad style or fashion look like. At Double Icon, we love affordable fashion, but we also believe that you are ultimately your own curator of your personal brand and look. We believe that is important and powerful.

Today’s blog is more about fashion faux pas, or mistakes, that are easy to make and are based on fears, insecurities, and traditions that put you in a box rather than let you explore your personal brand fully.

Continue reading to learn more, or check out our online collections of stunning, varied, and affordably priced fashions at Double Icon.

You Always Purchase The Same Size Clothes

Somewhere along the way, you were convinced that either sizing was the same, or that you had to find it in the right number, regardless of brand, to be able to wear it. All of that is totally off-key.

There is no truly standard sizing when it comes to women’s apparel. Different brands have different baselines, and sometimes, even the place where the clothing is manufactured can matter.

When buying new clothing, always make sure to reference items you love the fit and look of that you already own from the same brand or be willing to try a few things on and find your own personal reference point. There is no shame in wearing a medium in one brand and a large in another.

You Avoid Horizontal Stripes

While wearing tight striped pieces may not help you achieve the look you are going for, classy, well-fitting garments that have horizontal stripes can be flattering on any woman, so there’s no reason to give up on a piece before you try it simply because it has stripes that go the “wrong” way.

You’re Scared To Wear Multiple Bold Colors

For so long, it felt like a single bold color was enough on its own. However, color-blocking styles and trends have proven that bold colors, paired together, can be distinct, attention-grabbing, and promote a sense of confidence and certainty.

You Think Loose Styles Are Wrong For Your Body Type

Many women believe that looser fitting clothing is only worn well by their full-figured counterparts. Let’s just say that plus-sized women have refused to avoid more form-fitting clothes, and they look incredible doing it.

By carving out a whole style of fashions, you’re losing out on the opportunity to discover stunning new pieces that you wear well.

You Follow The “Remove One Accessory” Rule

Lots of women will relate to feeling like — or maybe having even been told by a friend or family member — to lose one accessory or piece of jewelry before leaving the house. Uh-uh. If you look in the mirror and have questions about whether something seems like it is too much, get a second opinion by all means, but never assume that you must have overdone it by nature.

You Don’t Look For Affordable Fashion Online At Double Icon

At Double Icon, we have an extensive inventory of stunning brands like our own Double Icon brand, Cynthia Leu, Shanna Moakler, Nadia Lanfronconi, and Free People. You can find all of these beautiful, affordable fashions on our site and ready to be delivered for placement in your wardrobe today.

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2020 Spring Fashion Tips - Shop Double Icon

2020 Spring Fashion Tips

New seasons mean new styles, and spring this year is no exception. Warmer weather and longer days are already starting to create opportunities to move away from more bundled, cozy, fashions from winter and toward clothes that breathe, move well, and show off your figure.

However, finding affordable fashions that are going to help you look and feel great while still remaining on-trend isn’t always easy and can take up hours of your time — time where you may find yourself disappointed with the results.

In today’s blog from Double Icon, we’ll cover a handful of great tips for achieving your spring fashion goals while saving time, money, and disappointing trips to the stores. To find affordable spring fashions you’ll love, shop online today with Double Icon.

Buy Online

Buying online is a great way to find affordable fashions for any season because price comparing and endless images save you the time of shopping the rack and driving to multiple destinations to get a deal.

That being said, spring 2020 offers its own unique challenges when it comes to getting to the store. Practicing social distancing is keeping many people at home as we work to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus and COVID-19. Online shopping lets you support the economy, find stunning fashion for yourself and still remain careful and responsible.

Dress For Unpredictable Weather

Almost nationwide, spring presents the challenge of cool to cold morning and evenings with the potential for days ranging from rainy to sunny and warm. Managing to look stylish while also being prepared for whatever Mother Nature brings your way is no small task. And, we all know that trusting the weather person is a sure way to get caught unprepared.

Find spring styles that look great and provide you with flexibility by shopping our outerwear and maxi dress collections.

Put Another Dress In Your Wardrobe

Listen — we know, you know, and everybody else knows it, too. You can never have enough dresses during spring. With everyone looking to soak up the sun after a long winter and the weather finally warming up enough to shed shoulder coverings and longer leggings, dresses are always going to be in style.

For stunning spring dresses of all lengths at prices you’ll love, check out Double Icon online today.

Go For Comfortable Footwear

Over the winter you got used to galoches, high boots, and stylish dress heels for social events. But spring is all about having the choice to skip around or splash right into those puddles, so make sure to consider comfy, closed-toed sneakers and footwear this year.

Spring For Sleeves This Season

The temptation in spring is to go sleeveless as you celebrate the longer, sunnier days, but this year, creative, bold shirt sleeves from your tops and blouses is grabbing headlines in both high and more casual fashion circles.

Whether you are looking for comfy camis or show-stopping sleeves from your tops this season, Double Icon has the designers and selections you need in our collections of affordable fashion for women.

Find Everything You’re Looking For Online At Double Icon

At Double Icon, we have an extensive inventory of stunning brands like our own Double Icon brand, Cynthia Leu, Shanna Moakler, Nadia Lanfronconi, and Free People. You can find all of these beautiful, affordable spring fashions on our site and ready to be delivered for placement in your wardrobe today.

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Are You Spring Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe? - Shop Double Icon

Are You Spring Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe?

Spring is officially here, and with it, many Americans are finding themselves stuck indoors as they practice social distancing to help prevent the further spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19. So this year, spring cleaning might just be a tempting way to spend some of your time, especially if you can wrangle your partner and/or your kids into helping.

In today’s blog from Double Icon, we’ll share why making sure that your wardrobe is on that list is so important. Once you’re done, find affordable fashion for women online at Double Icon and discover perfect new tops, rompers, dresses, and more to have conveniently delivered to your home, so you’re restocked and ready to make the most of spring once you’re back outdoors.

A Part of The Whole

When it comes to spring cleaning, you don’t want to leave the job half done. The whole idea is that your entire environment should be evaluated, cleaned, and organized. Of course, one of those organization piles needs to be the trash can or donation bin.

Getting into closets — areas where overstuffed boxes, knickknacks, and fallen clothing are abundant — and dressers are just as important as the traditional practice of scrubbing down the kitchen and deep cleaning the carpets.

When your closets feel just as clean and organized as the rest of your home, you’ll feel great every time you get dressed and won’t ever have that frustration that all the time and energy you spent on the rest of the house ended with a less than a fully finished job.

Cleansing & Closure

You should always be growing and moving forward. Finding ways to move on from clothing that no longer fits well, that is out of style, or that you just don’t feel wonderful in anymore is an important part of that process.

After all, your daily ensemble — whether it be a stunning new maxi dress for flowing through a farmers market or athleisure wear for comfort on your one day off this week — is a story about who you are and how you feel today. Shouldn’t you love what you’re putting on?

Letting go of old clothes, whether selling them, donating them, or handing them down allows you to say goodbye to bad memories, discomfort, and stagnation, and to say hello to new spring styles you love.

Finding New, Affordable Spring Fashions

Once that wardrobe has been cleaned out and organized, you’re going to find that there is room for new fashion, especially if it’s affordable.

With warmer weather around the corner, there’s plenty of opportunities to find a couple of new items that work together, revive an older piece in your wardrobe, or can become the new go-to favorite.

Affordable Fashion For All Seasons

At Double Icon, we have an extensive inventory of stunning brands like our own Double Icon brand, Cynthia Leu, Shanna Moakler, Nadia Lanfronconi, and Free People. You can find all of these beautiful, affordable spring fashions on our site and ready to be delivered for placement in your wardrobe today.

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