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How To Pose To Improve Your Instagram Feed

How To Pose To Improve Your Instagram Feed

Posing is not only for models and having great pictures is possible without a professional photographer, the secret is to practice. I know how frustrating is to take a dozen of pictures, with the perfect outfit and not liking any single one. 

I've learned some cool tips working here in Double Icon, and now my Instagram looks prettier and I personally feel more comfortable with my photos. Today I'm sharing with you some poses ideas for you to try below, trust me, this tips would supercharge your Insta feed.

1. Think in TRIANGLES

I know, this might sound bizarre, but believe me, basic geometry is the foundation of good posing technique. Try to pose with your arms, legs, hands and body forming triangles, this will make your photo more flowy and less static. 

2. Have something in your hands

“What should I do with my hands?”. I know, it's hard, hands look awkward buuuuut, I have the perfect solution. Grab a prop of some sort to snap a more natural shot that doesn’t feel staged. This can be anything – a coffee, a camera, a book, a dog, a purse...

 3. Play with your Hair

If you’re just expanding your picture poses, this is a great place to begin! Brush your hair back gently from your face or hold a small fraction of your hair. Just this small movement can help you relax when taking pictures and create a more natural look.


4. Have a Seat

Give your pictures a casual/relaxed feel by sitting down! Whether you’re sitting on a curb, chair, or stairs, this can really mix up your feed.

5. Natural light

Taking pictures outdoors might be difficult because we have to adapt to the natural conditions, but you can always use your surroundings on your favor, you just need to practice to see where the light is more flattering. 

I hope these posing tips gave you some new ideas for Instagram poses. If it feels intimidating to try these in public, test them out at home first. Set up your camera with a self timer or use a remote to try them out at home. Get comfortable and mix them.

Once you feel more comfortable posing, you’ll find they come natural to you when you are out in public. Try not to worry about what others think and instead focus on the photo you are wanting to capture.

Share with us if you have some more tips and advices through our social media. Also check out the Double Icon website, where you'll find all the spring summer 2021 trends and fashion tips.

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