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Ep. 3 - Meal Prep for Summer body?

How much do you spend on a meal each day? I used to spend 10-15 dollars a day for a meal each day I work. Honestly, that adds up and after realizing that I’m spending so much money to feed myself. I noticed the change in my expenses and decided to find a different alternative. I noticed I was becoming lazy by purchasing pre-made meals. That is why I started meal prepping! I got inspired by a co-worker of mine who meal preps every week. It’s pretty crazy how well she preps it but I aspire to do that one day. I’m only as my third week of meal prepping but surprisingly I am enjoying it. I sometimes wish I had better containers so that it can look more appealing.
Enough of my rambling and let me tell you what and how I prepped my meals this week. I’m still new to this so I have been only eating the same meals every lunch time. Oh, I forgot to mention that I only meal prep for one meal because currently I’m on a strict diet.
This week I decided to stick to the old chicken breast and brown rice meal plan. I usually prepare all my ingredients first before I start cooking anything.
First thing I did was, I boiled the water for my brown rice. I also enjoy eating quinoa so I mix it in with my brown rice.
Next, I like to season my chicken breast with some roasted garlic seasoning and a little bit of paprika. Also to that I add some taco seasoning for a little more flavor. It’s hard for me to have very bland meals so I like to add a little bit of spice.
With my chicken all seasoned and ready I use olive oil to grill the chicken on a pan. After cooking it for around 10 minutes I like to add some bell peppers for some crunch and color.
When the food is visually pleasing I tend to enjoy it more. With that going on, Some last minute vegetable steaming!
I usually tend to go for broccoli and carrots when it comes to steaming them. After getting my steamed vegetables ready I finish by placing them into containers. I put the rice and quinoa on the smaller side because you know, less carbs.
Then, on the larger side on the container I place the steamed vegetables and chicken I prepared. Lastly, I garnish with some fresh cilantro. I love cilantro on a lot of my food. Also, if I have lime I like to put in a slice and squeeze it before I eat it. It might sound simple and it is simple but I don’t know why it takes me so long (lol). Does anyone want to give me any advice for any simple and quick meal plans?
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