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Ep 4. When I was younger

Working and going to school.
I tried to balance my time juggling through work and school at the same time. Obviously back when I was in high school managing school work and working wasn’t as difficult because come on, let’s talk about reality here. High school seemed like a walk through hell but it’s nothing compared to what we call “the real world.” Now that I’m in college and working, it’s honestly 3000 times harder. Especially with the crapload of assignments and the early mornings, the lack of sleep and commute drains me. I honestly don’t think that I’m the best person to give advice on how to manage your time well and be diligent but I can probably say that I’m fit to encourage you!
I think that it’s honestly too difficult to have a part time job and also be on top of all your school assignments. However, we have to push through you know? I usually turn to something or someone to help and motivate me through really tough times. Sometimes the 8AM classes and the 9AM morning shifts can really burn me out but I try to find something that makes me happy to be in that class or that work environment. The biggest thing for me would be the people that I work with or study with. I find joy and ease when I’m in the presence of people that I admire. What’s not to like about being around fun people. Currently I genuinely like the people that I work with but who knows, I might stumble into some asshole. Anyways, going back to my so called advice, I would say to build relationships, find people that you like spending time with. That’s what’s helping me push through right now. Also, Don’t skip meals! Biggest mistake I made the first year of college was that I skipped most of my meals and I would end up eating either really late or not eat at all. I lost a lot of my strength. So that was just horrible. I had no energy and the sleep deprivation did not help at all. Balance your meals! Don’t regret later like how I did.
As much as I would want to give better advice this is probably the best I got. Keep going and fight through! Someday it might mean something and if something feels like a waste of time, why not think of it as a good experience that you never want to go through again!
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