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What is a Good Christmas Party Outfit?

What is a Good Christmas Party Outfit?

There are so many celebrations around the corner and we know you want to look stylish for each of them. With an endless list of events, each requiring a different dress code, picking your Christmas party outfits has never been so exciting.

When it comes to dressing for a Christmas party, there are a wide variety of options, but all should have an element of festive cheer and sparkle! 

Festive Christmas Party

If the invite says festive, then you get to have some fun with your outfit. Pick an outfit that suits a cocktail or semi-formal dress code but remember to get something that has a holiday twist to it. This could be as simple as wearing a red dress but of course, the more effort you put into your festive attire, the more you’ll stand out. 

Cocktail Christmas Party

The Cocktail Attire dress code calls for an elegant dress. Also, keep in mind that heels are a must. When picking a dress, you’ll have so much to chose from so have fun with it. If you’re unsure of what to choose, a little black dress will be your best friend. 

Semi-Formal Christmas Party

Semi formal dress code can be hard to balance. You don’t want to dress formal, but it can also be challenging to downplay your look. For women, the best option is a dress otherwise, a suit will do the trick. Choose something that’s more formal than a cocktail dress but more casual than what you’d wear to a black tie event.

Winter Christmas Outfits

Layer your clothing to stay warm while still looking chic. Remember, every layer has to look fabulous as you might want to take a few off. Get your perfect staple pieces down and then the rest will be easy. Match a cute sweater or turtleneck with a nice pair of trousers, then add killer boots or sophisticated heels.

Red and green are the classic colors of Christmas – but they're hard to pull off without looking like an elf, or a tree! Gold, silver, and white are more wearable and glamorous options for a Christmas outfit, and can be adapted to suit your skin tone. 


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Inspired by Maddison Mathot 

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